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SmaX security applications from BQT Solutions

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BQT Solutions ’ SmaX system is a security application that can be expanded according to the needs of the user. The SmaX uses simple language and icons for navigation. This system can support more devices by the addition of more number of ISC devices.

The communication of the SmaX system with access devices is through SDCs that are connected to an ISC. The devices that can be supported by ISC include the Wiegand device-like card reader, facial scanner, fingerprint and PIN card reader.

BQT Solutions’ SmaX standard edition hardwares include the intelligent site controller or ISC and the single door controller. The ISC has a built-in server, which provides a web interface for the control and management of the SmaX system. The RS485 interface of the ISC provides direct connection to access devices and the SDC or the single door controller.

BQT Solutions’ ISC uses the Linux operating system and the Apache web server. ISC has a memory capacity of 1GB. The power requirement of the ISC is 12V dc.

The SDC communicates with the SmaX system and also provides access control solutions. This device consumes 12V dc power and 80ma of current. SDC has a flash memory with a maximum of 16000 card holders, 8192 rolling audit logs and 64 time slots. The system continues its operation even if the ISC crashes or loses power.

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