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Sentinal Surveillance systems from BQT Solutions

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BQT Solutions  offers Sentinal Surveillance systems, which enables digital information management and transmission of audio data. BQT Solutions’ Surveillance systems is regarded to provide high quality recording which is suitable for compression requirements and medium to large installations.

BQT Solutions’ Sentinal 1600 DVR (digital video recorder) consists of LCD screen enclosed within a black case. The characteristic functions of Sentinal digital video recorder include recording and backup, remote functions and network functions, monitoring and system auto recovery.

Some features of Sentinal 1600 include DVD grade image, flexible network functions, maximum recording speed of 240/200fps, camera input of 16ch, control of a maximum of 100 DVRS etc.

Sentinal 1604 DVR uses the MPEG4 technology. Sentinal 1604 offers recording and real time display at 720 x 480. The monitoring functions of Sentinal 1604 include motion detection and auto alarming features. The different recording methodologies include alarm event, instant, intensive, pre-alarm or post-alarm recording. The search features of Sentinal 1604 are known to provide accurate, fast and easy retrieval.

BQT Solutions’ day and night high resolution camera BQC13WDDN consists of mechanical infrared filter that offers pictures in black and white and colour modes. The shift from colour to black and white is automatic based on the external signal or ambient light conditions.

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