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Stock feeders and residue manager by BPR Engineering

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BPR Engineering  is a family run company based in Corowa, Australia. With a well trained and experienced team of workers who have first hand knowledge of various industrial processes, BPR Engineering provides a host of engineering products and services.

In addition to providing standard engineering services for various industries, BPR Engineering also manufactures a range of stock feeders. All feeders from BPR Engineering have adjustable galvanised feeding slides and lids and are available in various capacity configurations ranging from twenty bags to eighty bags. Large tow along feeders from BPR Engineering with forty bag capacity come with sixteen inch Landcruiser wheels and are capable of mobility even when fully loaded.

Small feeders with twenty bag capacity have Gal pipe skids that can raise the feeder up to ten inches off the ground. Eighty bag feeders come with special blow tubes to assist filling and roll tarp for easy access features. BPR Engineering supplies its stock feeders to whole of Australia through a large network of retailers.

Residue managers are also manufactured by BPR Engineering that have special features like minimal soil disturbance, burn off elimination and consistent seed placement. These residue managers from BPR Engineering are available in many wheel profiles and also help in moving damp straw from rain or heavy dews.

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