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BP Australia introduces higher quality fuel at major terminals

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BP Australia has installed a new filtration system at its Mackay terminal that will allow cleaner diesel to be available in regional Queensland.

With the new filtration system becoming operational, the diesel supplied to the local mining industry will now be more than four times cleaner than the required particulate cleanliness stipulated by the Worldwide Fuel Charter. The installation of the filtration system in Mackay is in response to the increasing importance of cleaner fuels in the mining industry. 

This upgraded filtration as well as the availability of Ultimate Diesel in Mackay will enable customers to increase fuel efficiency and vehicle performance, while reducing fuel system maintenance cost, critical equipment downtime, and emissions. 

The widespread adoption of new, more advanced engine technologies by the mining industry over the last 10 years has meant increased sensitivity to contamination, particularly water and dirt. These new engine technologies employ fuel injection systems that work at much higher pressures and temperatures to meet engine emission requirements. The very fine tolerances of these injectors cause a significant increase in wear and deposits, placing increased importance on effective filtration methods. Clean dry fuel is absolutely essential in order to achieve long life for the injectors and other sensitive fuel system components such as common rail high pressure pumps.

According to John Appleyard, R&D technology manager global mining, even small particles have the potential to cost their customers in the mining industry heavily. Particles that are impossible for the naked eye to see can still damage sensitive fuel injection systems, and replacement costs for the state-of-the-art machinery can be significant, not to mention the operational inefficiencies and lost productivity from machine downtime. 

By supplying clean fuel, BP Australia is able to deliver their customers an operational edge while making a big difference to their bottom line.

BP Australia has installed filtration units in key mining locations across Australia including the Port Hedland Terminal. BP also offers its mining customers ongoing clean fuel assessments through site visits, implementation of monitoring systems and training for mining operational personnel in order to manage fuel integrity and improve fuel cleanliness in sensitive heavy mining equipment.

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