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Biodegradable packaging and carbon neutral wrapping services by Boxsmart

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Specialising in the hire and reuse of packing, moving and storage cartons this innovative business also provides all the essentials to protect and pack your property when moving home or office.

Easing the stress of moving has established Boxsmart as the carton rental experts, providing direct delivery of all you need to wrap, pack, move and store your cherished possessions, while doing your bit to protect the environment too.

Boxsmart is a company that provides services such as furniture removals, relocations and is the first storage industry to be CRI certified as carbon neutral.

Offsetting 100% of their greenhouse gas emissions Boxsmart is providing a range of Pre Green packing consumables. Even their bubble wrap is biodegradable, breaking down after exposure to sunlight or moisture and elimination the landfill issues associated with traditional plastic wrapping materials.

This enterprising company’s pioneering reputation is proving popular with individuals and families wanting to take particular personal care of their belongings.

Boxsmart customers can choose a preconfigured Value Pack to suit their sized home or office in addition to the industries large selection of green packing consumables, specialised cartons and box handling aids.

This practical hire service eliminates time wasted searching supermarkets for generally unsuitable cartons and shopping for tape, bubble wrap, labels and markers.

Boxsmart’s carbon neutral footprint extends across most of NSW from the central coast to the southern Highlands and west to the Mountains, so whether you are planning a seachange, a treechange or just moving across the street, Boxsmart can deliver and retrieve your boxes and packing aids.

“Rental is a fraction of the price of buying new boxes”, explains Boxsmart’s manager John Eustace, “our pricing policy guarantees that customers will not find a better rental deal, even on so called ‘free cartons’, in addition our flexible rental period eliminates the stress of rushing your packing and unpacking.”

Once unpacked and settled your boxes are promptly collected and your deposit refunded.

Cartons are reused by the next cost conscious and environmentally responsible person who also thinks Boxsmart, then eventually recycled into new cardboard products.

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