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article image The Auto-tracker -- suitable for all forms of welding.

BOC has released two new welding helmets that stand out from the crowd for their advanced technology and distinctive red colour.

The ‘Auto-tracker’ and ‘Switch’ models are part of a new range of safety products being introduced by BOC.

The two models look alike but the ‘Auto-tracker’ includes a broader shade level adjustment from Level 9 to 13 and automatic shade adjustment, which makes it suitable for all forms of welding.

The ‘Switch’ has a shade level of 10 and 11 only, which suits MIG/MAG welding.

The ‘Auto-tracker’ controls are conveniently located on the side of the helmet so they can be easily adjusted without taking it off.

The ‘Auto-tracker’ has a choice of automatic or manual shade adjustment. It automatically adjusts the shade level between DIN 9 to 13 depending on the measured light intensity of the arc. It lowers shading at start-up and finish with higher shading when current reaches normal levels.

Both models have an Automatic-Darkening Filter (ADF). To prolong its lifespan, the ADF switches to a sleeping mode after 10 minutes in darkness. It is re-activated when illumination is detected.

The shape of the helmets protects the face and head against flying particles and UV radiation while the heat-reflecting colour makes it 20% cooler inside the helmet.

The helmets are balanced to reduce any strain on the neck. The adjustable headgear position makes it possible for welders to use eyewear or respirators, with four settings to adjust to individual head shapes.

The sensor bar feature reduces the field of view to remove the influence of other welders or illumination. This feature can be switched off when not required.

The helmets are powered by solar cells located at the front of the helmet so there is no battery changes required.

A range of accessories is available to fit the helmets, including:

* Inside magnifying lenses (+1.0/+1.5/+2.0/+2.5 diopters).

* Hard-hat adapter.

* Tinted inside cover lenses to expand the shade range beyond the ADF.

* Leather chest and neck protection to attach to helmet.

The new ‘Auto-tracker’ and ‘Switch’ models meet all Australian and New Zealand standards and are available from BOC Gas & Gear stores throughout Australia.

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