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WTIA Welding Company of the Year, BOC, launches Guidelines for Successful Brazing

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The welding guidelines, made avilable from BOC  break down the process into key steps which include:

  • Joint design Choice of filler metal
  • Pre-cleaning of the parent materials
  • Fluxing Removal of flux residues
  • Heating the joint and applying the alloy  

“BOC go into detail about how to achieve the best brazed joints. This firstly comes down to choosing the correct type of joint which depends on what is being welded and what outcome is required. Guidelines include diagrams and information on how to choose the best type of joint,” Mr Bothma, Technical Manager Industrial Products at BOC stated.  

“Through extensive experience BOC have tested which type of filler metal works best for various applications and assist welders to make the right choice through the guide. “BOC also detail the importance of pre-cleaning the parent materials, how to choose the correct flux for best results and the appropriate methods of residue removal for the chosen flux.   “BOC’s commitment to safety is paramount,  aiming for 100% safety, 100% of the time for staff and customers.  As such BOC also include a section to remind welders of precautions to take to ensure their safety from welding fumes and the safe handling of flux materials” Mr Bothma concluded.  

BOC’s Guidelines for Successful Brazing is part of BOC’s ongoing commitment to education for welders. This guideline compliments BOC’s other education offerings including the Guidelines for Gas Cylinder Safety and the Safety Products Reference Manual.  

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