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Smootharc Advance MIG machines range delivers bigger jobs

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The new Smootharc Advance MIG machine range by BOC aims to transform medium duty industrial welding with a range of advanced welding features.

“The range of advanced features on the Smootharc Advance MIG 200C, MIG 275C, MIG 275R and 350R models make it a genuine step up for general fabricators,” said Nic Bothma, Technical Manager Industrial Products at BOC.

“This is a whole design change. As an example, the Smootharc Advance MIG range now has infinite electronic induction coupled with an infinite voltage adjustment that makes it incredibly flexible, allowing it to adjust to almost any welding conditions and minimise spatter. In past models, only step-up voltage adjustment was available.”

Features of the Smootharc Advance MIG machines:

  • All MIG machines come with a full set of drive rolls, for steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • The MIG machines also have improved tunnel design that keeps dust and grime away from electronic parts and maximises cooling
  • At the most fundamental level, larger wheels make the units more portable and a lower slung cylinder tray makes placing G-sized cylinders on the machine much easier.
  • A four roll drive system as opposed to the two roll system on earlier models.
  • A move from a transformer based machine to an inverter based machine which makes the entire unit lighter.
  • All machines now carry high-end Binzel torches. Binzel is Europe’s leading manufacturer of welding torches.
  • 200C MIG machine and 275C MIG machine is a compact design with a built-in wire feeder and the 275R can deliver superb aluminium welding capability of up to 10mm in thickness.
  • The 275R and 350R MIG machines come with a remote wire feeder and two interconnecting cables for a wider choice in operational flexibility

Questions about this article

14/03/2012 - In such a situation I wouldn't expect the machine to be able to supply you with more than 210 amp at 20% duty cycle. The other concern would be possible voltage drops, the machine is design to function inside a ±15% voltage range (so 204 to 276) outside of these range the machine will refuse to function until the voltage come back within that range. Considering you have a transformer on or near the property this may not be a problem but I would still recommend that you double check that transfer is actually delivering this voltage range. Considering the drop in performance too, unless you are wanting the remote body style I would instead suggest the Advance 200C instead.

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