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Smootharc 185 DC TIG welding machines from BOC

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Smootharc DC 185 TIG welding machines feature HF arc initiation and pulse capability are are the latest addition to the Smootharc welding range available from BOC .

“The Smootharc DC 185 is an inverter-based TIG welding machine with added MMA welding capability that delivers high quality TIG welding of steel, stainless steel and copper,” said Nic Bothma, Technical Manager Industrial Products at BOC.

“The Smootharc DC 185 comes with a large number of variable functions, such as two pulse frequency options and adjustable downslope time. These variables in the Smootharc DC 185 ensure comprehensive control of your welding parameters when welding all materials. 

Mr Bothma also commented that the welding machines also have another great feature in its portability and the fact that it is a Single-phase 240V Inverter that can be run from any 15Amp power socket. This means the use of the welding machines is not confined to factory power outlets, making it perfect for the handyman.

“The Smootharc 185 is ideal for sheet metal, stainless steel fabrications, pipe welding, root runs where high quality welds are required and welding of reactive materials such as titanium,” concluded Mr Bothma.

The TIG package includes Smootharc DC 185 TIG Welder, TIG Torch and TIG Torch accessory kit, flowmeter/regulator, operating manual and electrode holder and work return leads. Backed by the BOC network, this machine now comes with an extended 18 month warranty.

BOC provides the full range of TIG products from TIG equipment and consumables including torches, personal protective equipment and shielding gases. BOC also has Welding Process Specialists who can provide technical advice for welding applications. 

Smootharc DC 185 welding machines are available throughout the BOC Gas & Gear network.

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