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HiQ Gas Equipment from BOC for Speciality Gas Mixtures in Lab Environments

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BOC  has introduced HiQ gas equipment comprising of Baseline cylinder regulators and Redline supply systems to complement the speciality gas range.    

Technological advancements have been made continuously by manufacturing and process plants across the full spectrum of industry to meet the evolving demands of their markets. Consequently, laboratories that support these plants have had to respond to these changes in terms of design and function.  

Accordingly, the gases and gas technologies used in testing, analysis and measurement, and the associated gas equipment and supply systems have advanced in quantum leaps.  

Pure gases come in various purity levels from ‘industrial’ or ‘technical’ grades to several high-purity ‘speciality gases’ grades. Higher purity gases keep instrumentation running at optimum levels.  

These include helium, hydrogen, argon and nitrogen as ‘carrier’ gases as well as ‘purge’ gases for gas and liquid chromatography and spectrometry. These are required for sample measurement in the gas, liquid or solid phase.  

Quality and reliability are therefore a critical requirement in the supply of pure gas. Pure gas cylinders are provided on the basis of supplier quality assurance, or with a certificate to validate the cylinder contents.  

Gas mixtures also involve a range of quality levels and require different types of certification. Basic mixtures such as welding gas mixtures are filled using mass production techniques to keep cost and price low, while speciality gas mixtures are filled in more controlled environments.  

While mixtures for process applications are often supplied based on the manufacturer’s quality systems, calibration gas mixtures always require a certificate of analysis so that the reported values can be used by the customer to precisely calibrate their instrument.  

According to Jenia Mehdizadeh, market manager for Scientific, it is important for any gas used in calibration purposes to accurately and repeatedly report values of the instrument being measured.  

Environmental analysis and testing involves a range of sophisticated instruments and next-generation gas chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques, which are used in the identification and qualification of environmental pollutants.  

Both techniques and equipment require high-quality speciality gases for instrument operation and calibration, in addition to dedicated high-purity gas distribution systems.  

Gas distribution systems and gas equipment for high-purity and speciality gas mixtures play a critical role in gas quality, and must be able to meet increasing demands for high standards of performance and new analysing methods. Impurities occurring in low concentrations as parts per billion can have serious consequences.  

BOC’s new range of HiQ gas equipment, comprising of Baseline gas cylinder regulators and Redline gas supply systems is designed specifically for speciality gas handling applications.  

The Baseline gas equipment range provides users with an entry-level range of speciality gas cylinder regulators, which are appropriate for more flexible systems or short-term project work such as research projects and R&D labs where requirements change from time to time.  

Redline gas supply systems for high-purity gases and speciality gases are high-tech, patented, precision-designed products, modularly designed to slot into central gas supply systems containing gas panels, valves and points-of-use suitable for purities up to 6.0 (99,9999%).  

The Redline equipment is exclusive to the Linde Group with specialist installation by BOC’s customer engineering service division.  

Key features of Redline speciality gas supply systems: 

  • Gas flow and pressure remain constant during equipment use
  • Panels combine face seal connections with welding techniques, reducing potential for gas leakage
  • System purge function helps maintain gas quality during cylinder changeover or in supply lines, ensuring samples are not contaminated en route to the lab
  • Purge assemblies allow the introduction of a purge gas into the system after cylinder changeover, maintaining the integrity of the gas system

It is important to select the appropriate gas specification along with the supply mode to ensure functionality and quality. Installation of the gas equipment must be completed by experts with experience in high-purity clean systems such as BOC’s customer engineering services team.

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