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Hi-Vis Lightweight Welding Jackets Now Available from BOC

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article image WeldGuard Hi-Vis Lightweight Welding Jackets

BOC  offers a line of Hi-Vis welding jackets from the 2009 Weld Guard range to enable welders in Australia to be more visible and stay safe at work.  

Describing the features of the Hi-Vis welding jackets, Nathan Abela, BOC Product Manager, Safety says that in addition to the Hi-Vis properties, the jacket is also lightweight and comes with vents to enhance comfort for the wearer.  

Hi-Vis welding jackets are made from 330gsm cotton treated with Pyrovatex technology to provide added fire protection.  

The Hi-Vis jacket is secured with a front opening Velcro strip, leather sleeves for added durability and a high neckline for extra protection.    

The open ended cuffs are finished with a fire retardant fabric strip 1.5cm in width.  

Mr Abela says that all fire retardant cotton products have been tested for durability, flame resistance, radiant heat as well as molten metal splash and undergo dermatological tests for added wearer protection.  

The flame-resistant fabric is called Pyrovatex and its FR properties will last the life of the garment.   

The jacket has been tested and meets European standards for Welder Use NC (EN470-1), Flame Resistance (EN531), Connective Heat B1 (EN367), Radiant Heat C1 (EN366) and Iron Splash E1 (EN373).  

The new Hi-Vis welding jackets are available throughout the BOC Gas & Gear network.

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