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Gas detector and warning system

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BOC has released the AirSurance range to detect gas leaks and unsafe levels of toxic or flammable gases the air.

Detectagas is used to verify the accuracy of gas detection monitors before employees or contractors enter confined work spaces. Cylinders are available in 58, 103 and 135 litres. Their small size makes them suitable for trips to remote locations and for use in confined spaces. 1100 and 6300 litre cylinders suit larger demands. The system is NATA certified.

Stench Gas is used in ventilation systems as an alert gas for emergency evacuation. It sends a clear and definitive message for immediate evacuation from a confined space. It is suited to noisy situations where alarms cannot be heard. The powerful odour can be quickly dispersed through underground mines or other confined spaces, to alert workers of impending danger. Even at low concentrations the odour is obvious to the least sensitive noses.

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