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Flux-cored welding wires

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BOC has launched its own range of flux cored wires - Smooth-Cor. The new range features five varieties of Smooth-Cor wire offering improved performance for all professional welding needs.

The new generation Smooth-Cor products are unique to the welding market.

They are qualified with both Argoshield 52 and CO2 shielding gases and the spools are vacuum wrapped.

Developed in consultation with customers, the user-friendly flux cored range offers consumers premium quality products that perform consistently and provide the user with smooth performance in a variety of welding positions and applications.

This enhances productivity while delivering the highest quality weld.

The flux cored range is suited to a wide range of steels including mild, fine grained low temperature and high tensile quench and tempered.

To complement the new range of flux cored wires, BOC has made recent changes to its Argoshield 52 gas composition.

The mix changed from 23% carbon dioxide in argon to 25% carbon dioxide in argon, to comply with global flux cored wire standards.

The product range is available through local BOC Gas & Gear stores & BOC Equipment Partners.

Product Information Summary Smooth-Cor 711 All-round, general purpose wire that performs exceptionally well in the downhand, vertical up and overhead positions at the same parameter settings.

This wire welds with a very smooth running, low spatter arc and a fine spray type transfer to give excellent weld pool control.

Smooth-Cor 715 is a low hydrogen (H5) wire designed for applications where there is a risk of cracking. This wire provides excellent feedability, easy starting and minimal spatter, enhancing operator appeal.

Smooth-Cor 70C6 is a metal-cored wire producing 40 per cent less fume than conventional metal cored products. This wire is suitable for a range of high speed fillet and butt welding applications where high productivity is required.

Smooth-Cor 811K2 is a low hydrogen, nickel containing wire designed for welding low alloy steels, intended for service at low temperatures and for matching strength on 490MPa yield strength steels. This wire welds with a very smooth running, low spatter arc and a fine spray type transfer to give excellent weld pool control in all positions.

Smooth-Cor 115 is a low hydrogen (H5) wire designed for matching strength and hardness on 690MPa yield strength and 230HB steels. This wire welds with stable running characteristics, minimum spatter and easy slag removal with both CO2 and Argoshield 52.

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