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Dissolved acetylene fuel gases available from BOC

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Available from BOC , dissolved acetylene (CH2) fuel gases are hot and efficient, ensuring high levels of productivity. With a very efficient use of oxygen, this fuel gas is lighter than air and will not mount up at low levels and also has a low ignition energy.

Dissolved acetylene fuel gases are non-toxic; however, they can cause dizziness in high concentrations.

When combined, oxygen and acetylene provide a high flame temperature of around 3150°C. The oxy acetylene flame produced will ensure good localised heating with minimal wasted heat. In cutting applications, oxy acetylene fuel gases provide fast preheating and piercing times and enhanced cut quality. These dissolved acetylene fuel gases will also ensure high cutting speeds and fast cut initiation times while utilising reduced amounts of oxygen.

To minimise decomposition, these fuel gases are stored in a specifically designed cylinder.

Dissolved acetylene fuel gasses are ideal for use in numerous applications including gas welding, flame gouging, flame heating, cutting, spot heating, and brazing.

Further information on the material compatibility and hazards association with dissolved acetylene fuel gases is available from BOC.

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