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Continuous gas always on tap

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BOC has launched Streamline, a continuous gas supply suitable for any workshop where multiple gas outlets are needed.

BOC says Streamline is a dedicated gas reticulation system that provides a cost effective and safe method of piping gas throughout a workshop. The pipeline is connected to a central supply point using cylinders, cylinder packs or bulk supply, and is pumped throughout a workshop.

The gas is located in a central point and accessed from any number of outlet points throughout the workshop. Streamline achieves optimum gas consumption by controlling pressure within the pipeline and reducing gas waste.

Streamline can include a built-in system that will notify BOC when a certain level is reached and gas will automatically be re-ordered.

For those who require a particular gas mix, the system’s mixing panel provides a consistent mix ratio for all on-site gas.

BOC engineering staff using the latest manifold and reticulation technology professionally installs the system. All installations comply with all relevant Australian and NZ standards.

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