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BOC’s Oxygenation Technology Helping to Breathe Life into Swan River

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BOC  is employing its advanced oxygenation technology to help breathe more life into Western Australia’s iconic Swan River.  

BOC is setting up a state-of-the-art oxygenation plant at Caversham, using the same BOC-designed Turbolox oxygenation technology activated at Guildford in January 2009.  

Part of the Linde Group, BOC says the two plants would complement each other in maintaining healthy oxygen levels upstream in the Swan River.  

Announcing the start of civil works at the Caversham plant, BOC Managing Director South Pacific, Colin Isaac commented that the company was delighted to be playing their part in improving the health of the Swan River.  

The state government chose BOC’s Turbolox oxygenation system following an international review of oxygenation technologies to find the most appropriate solution for the unique requirements of the Swan River.  

Tested by the Department of Water and the Swan River Trust, the Turbolox oxygenation technology is capable of delivering up to two tonnes of oxygen per day during periods of extremely low oxygen. Under normal use, the plant delivers approximately one tonne of oxygen per day.  

The Turbolox oxygenation system pumps a small section of the river flow via the plant’s highly efficient gas/liquid contacting device and then pipes back highly oxygenated water to the bottom of the river where it mixes with poorly oxygenated water.  

Higher oxygen levels in the water will improve the health of the river, providing a better habitat for fish and various aquatic life forms.

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