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BOC releases new range of welding machines

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BOC  has released new versions of its Inverweld welding machine.

The range includes three models all with good stable arc characteristics suitable for both MMA and hot start TIG welding.

The Inverweld 110VRD and 140 VRD are versatile machines for general MMA and TIG fabrication, repair and maintenance work with the added security of VRD.

The built-in voltage reduction device in the VRD versions provides users with added safety protection in damp conditions. The VRD is there to reduce the OCV to safer levels, therefore increasing its suitability to be used in damp atmospheres.

This makes them perfect for the mining industry, workshops and onsite work with top of the range power and high duty cycles and built in Voltage Reduction Devices (VRD). For further safety protection BOC also offers a range of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The third machine in the range is the Inverweld 140. This is a powerful machine that has all the welding capabilities of the other models without the VRD functionality.

“The beauty of the Inverweld machine is that really you get two high quality welding machines in one,” said Andrew Bridger, Business Manager – Industrial Equipment, BOC. “The Inverweld has always been known as a top end MMA machine but is easily adapted to provide hot start TIG welding.”

The BOC Inverweld Machines are robust enough for onsite work which makes them great for the mining and construction industries.

Another feature is the isolated cooling system that keeps metal particles from entering the machines criteria. Cooling air flows forward from the rear of the machine.

The machines are sold in a package which includes the Inverweld machine, electrode holder, welding cable, work cable, work clamp, primary power cable and operating manual.

All models are fully CE approved, manufactured to IEC60974-1 and ISO9001 quality standards. Their compact and robust design makes them portable and easy to carry.

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