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BOC launches two new specialty gases equipment ranges

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BOC has made it easier to find the right solution for specialty gas needs with HiQ, a rebranding of the BOC Specialty Gas Solutions range. The HiQ range provides specialised solutions to such industries as pharmaceutics, chemistry, petrochemistry, metallurgy and environmental protection. As part of the rebranding and to make it even easier for customers to find the right solution, BOC South Pacific has defined two new equipment ranges under the HiQ umbrella - BASELINE and REDLINE. These products are exclusively available through BOC as a member of The Linde Group.

BASELINE specialty gases cylinder regulators:

The BASELINE range of gas cylinder regulators represents the entry level to specialty gases. These regulators are suitable for gas purities up to 5.0 (99.999%) and is designed specifically to maintain this integrity from the cylinder to the point of use. The BASELINE range is generally used for simple applications that require a mobile gas supply and offer more reliable operation than industrial equipment at a competitive price.

REDLINE specialty gases equipment:

The more sophisticated REDLINE gas equipment is designed for more complex central gas supply systems. Designed, installed and maintained by BOC’s experienced customer service engineers, REDLINE gas equipment is designed for use with purities up to grade 6.0 (99.9999%), essential when precision and performance matters. REDLINE gas equipment includes gas panels, points of use, cylinder regulators and much more. REDLINE equipment also has models for vacuum dosage and low pressure adjustments. Other equipment features include models with purge (two stage models) and cross purge (single stage models) for corrosive gases.

“At BOC precision is vital to everything we do. This rebranding to HiQ along with the new BASELINE and REDLINE option helps our customers to be just as precise about the solution for their business by offering an accessible insight into this complex range. “This reaffirms BOC’s commitment to supplying the very best in precision engineered equipment for our customers,” said Ms Mehdizadeh, Scientific Market Manager for BOC.

The HiQ specialty gases product range from Linde supplies high purity gases, gas mixtures, precision engineered equipment and gas distribution systems, and services and support, to a wide range of industries employing specialty gases applications. It encompasses, but is not limited to, REDLINE specialty gases equipment and BASELINE specialty gases regulators, SPECTRA-SEAL calibration gas mixtures, ECOCYL portable specialty gases solutions and VERISEQ pharmaceutical grade gases. HiQ represents Linde’s commitment to the highest available quality and global consistency across gases, equipment and services.


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