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BOC launches new electrode range

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BOC Industrial has launched a new range of welding consumables that provides superior performance for a wide variety of welding applications, under the most demanding conditions.

The first generation range of Smootharc Electrodes has been developed in consultation with BOC customers, and is the result of extensive research and development in the welding consumables market.

BOC Industrial Equipment business manager Keerin Chutumstid said the new range of Smootharc Electrodes added value to welding processes and demonstrated BOC's commitment and experience in the welding industry.

“It offers professional, high-quality welding performance using leading edge technology," he said.

"In fact, BOC has already launched the Smootharc Electrodes in New Zealand and the market response speaks for itself, with a significant increase in market share."

Smootharc Electrodes are manufactured under strict quality controls to ensure consistency in product manufacture. Sophisticated drying and packaging minimise the risk of hydrogen 'cold cracking', which often concerns welding engineers.

All BOC Smootharc low hydrogen electrodes are packaged in hermetically-controlled cans, to guarantee hydrogen levels of less than 4mL/100g weld metal - a result users can't get from the usual cardboard packaging.

Smootharc Electrodes are suitable for all welding positions, including vertical, overhead and down hand. The self-releasing slag ensures a fast and smooth weld under all conditions. Easy slag control, low spatter and excellent slag release provides maximum welder-appeal.

The product range is available through local BOC Gas & Gear stores and BOC Equipment partners.

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