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BOC launches Smoothcut plasma cutters

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BOC has launched its first range of plasma cutters in response to growing demand for this emerging technology.

The cutters are based on inverter technology making them light weight and portable and can be connected to a standard power point.

The range includes a model designed to also appeal to non-industrial users. The new BOC Smoothcut 40 is priced to let light and first-time users enjoy the benefits of plasma technology.

“The introduction of these cutters brings new levels of productivity to hobby cutters and infrequent users.

The Smoothcut Pro 40 is perfect for DIY metalworking as well as the arts community,” says Andrew Bridger, Business Manager, Industrial Equipment BOC.

A larger model, the Smoothcut 80, is also available. Designed to meet the needs of the agriculture and construction industries it is also suitable for repairing maintenance and earthmoving equipment.

Customers also have the choice of two torches, the Smoothcut recommended for use with the Smoothcut40 and the more powerful Smoothcut Pro. Both torches feature robust designs and are supported by a comprehensive range of consumables, all competitively priced.

Lighter and more compact than traditional cutters, the new machines are more portable and easier to use. The Smoothcut 40 weighs just eight kilograms and the Smoothcut 80 is 38 kilograms.

“These products give customers all the performance benefits of traditional plasma cutters at an extremely competitive price,” said Bridger.

“They really are a cost-effective cutting solution, which is perfect for people who found the price of early model plasma cutters prohibitive.”

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