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BOC launches Manual metal arc welding machines

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BOC has launched two portable and easy to use Manual Metal Arc (MMA) welding machines, the BOC Smootharc MMA 130 and BOC Smootharc MMA 170.

The Smootharc MMA range was introduced in October 2006 and is based on inverter technology. The welders are suitable for a range of applications from light manufacturing to maintenance and from small workshops to DIY applications.

According to BOC, many customers already know BOC’s Smootharc electrodes. For the first time the company has also produced welding machines under the Smootharc brand designed to get the perfect ones from its existing range of electrodes.

These welders have consistently come back in research as something its customers have really been looking for.

Current sales levels reflect not only this but also the value for money BOC has been able to provide with these products.

The machines are versatile and require minimal operator training, a feature ideal for occasional users.

They also come with a comprehensive operating manual and access to expert advice from the BOC customer service centre.

Other features include:

Light weight: the MMA 130 weighs 5.5 kilograms and the MMA 170 weighs 8 kilograms

Portable: the MMA 130 can be plugged into domestic 10A power points, neither model requires gas

Flexible: allows users to weld with a wider and thicker range of consumables

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