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BOC introduces new approach to training with virtual welder

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Leading gases and engineering company BOC introduces a new virtual welder designed to facilitate basic as well as advanced training in welding processes.

Produced by leading German manufacturer of welding equipment, EWM, and distributed by BOC, the Virtual Welding Trainer is a powerful, state-of-the art and interactive training system for all welding positions, enabling trainees to learn from a realistic display about ideal welding speeds, distance to workpiece, setting angle, and welding direction among others.

Richard Fowles, BOC’s Senior Product Manager for Welding Products in Australia and NZ observes that the virtual welder brings unique benefits and increased learning efficiencies to training. He explains that the Virtual Welding Trainer is perfect for training environments such as TAFEs as well as for welding companies to test new manufacturing methods, screen workers and upgrade skills.

According to Mr Fowles, the trainees can control the simulation holding a special torch to provide a welding experience similar to the real thing. Virtual training also allows trainees to learn the correct movements and proper use of the torch twice as quickly.

In addition to enhancing welding technique, the Virtual Welding Trainer is extremely helpful for training welders in the application of welding procedure specifications as it reduces time-consuming and costly welding experiments as well as possible waste. For instance, when available material is in limited supply, the trainee welder can first familiarise themselves with the approach before embarking on the job.

A key benefit of the virtual training method is that consumption of basic training materials is reduced by up to 35%, helping to protect the environment and reduce the use of resources.

Key features of Virtual Welding Trainer:

  • Realistic, hands-on welding training – straightforward, fast, and safe
  • MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA welding
  • Screen-based learning without requiring accessories such as a workpiece or helmet
  • Intuitive operation/menus for the torch
  • Independent control boosts learning effectiveness
  • Replaces time-consuming, costly welding experiments and reduces material expenses for training by up to 35%
  • Conserves resources and protects the environment
BOC is showcasing the Virtual Welding Trainer at the National Manufacturing Week (Stand 2717).

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