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BOC expands welding machines range

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article image Picomig 305 D3 puls TKG welding machine

Leading gases and engineering company BOC has expanded its range of high-technology welding machines with the introduction of the Pico 220 cel puls and Picomig 305 D3 puls TKG.

Produced by leading German manufacturer of welding equipment, EWM and distributed throughout the South Pacific by BOC, the portable and compact machines offer high performance at an accessible price.

According to BOC’s Senior Product Manager for Welding Products in Australia and New Zealand, Richard Fowles, the new welding machines are suited for experienced DIY operators through to light and medium industrial applications.

Mr Fowles explains that the Pico 220 cel puls and Picomig 305 D3 puls TKG welding machines deliver impressive technology wrapped up in a compact and easily transportable package, and offer ease of operation as well as the ability to perform high quality welds.

Key features of the Pico 220 cel puls welding machines:

  • Inverter welding machine allows MMA and TIG lift arc welding and pulsed MMA welding
  • Antistick and Arcforce technology simplifies welding and offers professional results as the arc burns steadily without the stick electrode sticking or annealing
  • Perfect for vertical welding, especially in maintenance and pipe welding applications
  • State-of-the-art inverter technology means effortless joining and high quality welds even with thick electrodes
  • Ideal for large construction sites and very tough assembly work with mains supply leads up to 50 metres or connected directly to a generator
  • High tolerance to mains fluctuations ensures an optimal welding result
  • Variable Hotstart function reliably ignites the electrode and melts perfectly to ensure superior welds even at the start of the seam
Key features of Picomig 305 D3 puls TKG welding machines:

  • Small, light and universal - suitable for construction sites and assembly work
  • Tough plastic casing and innovative inverter technology makes it perfect for practical applications
  • Modified short arc welding with rootArc provides capability for straightforward gap bridging and positional welding
  • Pre-programmed jobs for common welding tasks as well as synergic operation with self-explanatory operating panel
  • Innovative pulse welding technology for superb results when joining stainless steel and aluminium
  • Equipped with MIG/MAG pulse, standard MIG/MAG, MMA and TIG (lift arc) welding
The Pico 220 cel puls and Picomig 305 D3 puls TKG welding machines are available from EWM through BOC in Australia and New Zealand.

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