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BOC blowpipes for improved manoeuvrability and comfort

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The BOC blowpipes have been ergonomically designed to improve manoeuvrability and comfort in all types of jobs from delicate welding or cutting jobs to heavy duty applications. Using the latest technology, the BOC blowpipes provide versatility, comfort and safety while delivering precise gas control.

Some of the features of the BOC blowpipes include:

  • Dual acting control valve mechanism – it precisely controls the gas flow from low to high for specific volume applications
  • A handle which has been ergonomically designed to sustain balance when in the hand and to provide the user with a comfortable and less-tiring grip
  • Offset, rear mounted control valves allowing accurate finger tip control
  • A data label on the blowpipe handle – a guide to nozzle, tip an depressure requirements
  • Labelled inlet connections
  • Two independent flow tubes that maintain the separation of gases until the point of controlled mixing, greatly minimising the possibility of flashback
  • Compatibility with the leading brands

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