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BOC Launches Two New Speciality Gas Equipment Ranges

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BOC  South Pacific introduces two new speciality gas equipment ranges from HiQ, a rebranding of the BOC Specialty Gas Solutions range. The new HiQ brand brings the product line into alignment with that of parent company The Linde Group.  

Existing product ranges including SPECTRA-SEAL and ECOCYL will be incorporated under the HiQ brand alignment. The HiQ range provides specialised solutions to industries such as pharmaceutical, chemistry, petrochemistry, metallurgy and environmental protection.  

BOC South Pacific has defined two new equipment ranges under the HiQ umbrella, namely BASELINE and REDLINE, which are exclusively available through BOC.  

Key features of BASELINE cylinder regulators: 

  • Represents the entry level to speciality gases
  • Suitable for gas purities up to 5.0 (99.999%)
  • Designed specifically to maintain this integrity from the cylinder to the point of use
  • Generally used for simple applications requiring a mobile gas supply
  • More stable operation than industrial equipment at a competitive price

Key features of REDLINE supply solutions: 

  • Designed for more complex central gas supply systems
  • Components are designed for use with purities up to grade 6.0 (99.9999%), essential for precision and performance
  • Includes gas panels, points of use, cylinder regulators and more
  • Regulators also have models for vacuum dosage and low pressure adjustments
  • Cylinder regulators are equipped with a cylinder connection
  • Models with purge (two-stage models) and cross purge (single-stage models) functions for corrosive mixtures

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