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BOC Helps Keep Cellars Safe with Affordable CO2 Monitoring System

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An advanced CO2 monitoring system from BOC is helping the Australian hospitality industry keep their cellars safe for workers at low cost.  

BOC’s CO2 monitoring system for cellars can be rented by workplaces for less than the price of a beer a day.  

The new Australian safety standard AS5034 will come into effect in January 2012 and will require all workplaces that dispense beverages using carbon dioxide (CO2) and inert gases to comply with the new regulations.  

Non-compliance with this important standard may lead to fines from agencies such as Workcover, leaving businesses liable for any injury or death caused by dangerous levels of CO2 on their premises.  

Carbon dioxide is a highly dangerous, odourless and colourless gas that cannot be detected by the human senses.  

BOC’s CELLAGUARD CO2 monitors offer a comprehensive safety solution for the detection of dangerous levels of CO2 inside cellars and cool rooms, helping to ensure employee safety and assisting in standard compliance.  

BOC, a member of The Linde Group offers cost-effective rental plans for the CELLAGUARD CO2 monitoring systems.  

Key features of BOC’s CELLAGUARD CO2 monitors: 

  • Monitor is installed inside the cellar or cool room with a repeater positioned outside for added safety
  • Delivers an audible alarm and visual alert when potentially dangerous levels of CO2 are detected
  • Designed for areas where nitrogen and carbon dioxide are used
  • Alerts workers to the presence of carbon dioxide or reduction of oxygen in an enclosed area
  • Available as personal ‘Buddy’ monitors, which can be attached to an employee’s belt or clipped to clothing to provide complete personal protection
  • Ongoing equipment maintenance by BOC

General Manager, Speciality Gases, Shona Faber says that the hospitality business has a short deadline to get their cellars and cool rooms in order and meet the new Australian safety standard.  

Ms Faber adds that BOC has leveraged its considerable experience as a leading manufacturer and supplier of beverage gases and gas equipment for the hospitality industry to develop a range of safety solutions for cellars and cool rooms.  

All equipment complies with Australian and New Zealand standards for detection equipment.

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