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BOC CO2 treatment process to be used in Alcoa’s carbonation project

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BOC is partnering with Alcoa World Alumina Australia and CSBP, a Wesfarmers subsidiary, in a 15-year contract that is set to be big in Australia, using waste carbon dioxide (CO2). 

BOC’s expertise and CO2 treatment process will be used in Alcoa’s carbonation project, which will consume between 180 and 220 tonnes of waste stream CO2 per day.  

The CO2 is consumed when it is added to Alcoa’s bauxite residue, a refining waste product, and reduces the alkalinity (pH) levels of the material.

This lower pH level will open several doors for the re-use of the material and reduce the environmental risks associated with its long term storage.

Alcoa, the world’s leading producer of primary and fabricated aluminium, is already operating a successful carbonation pilot plant at Kwinana. Under the new agreement, CO2 will now be captured, processed and delivered by BOC from chemical and fertiliser manufacturer CSBP’s waste-stream. It will be on a much larger scale and at reduced cost to Alcoa than previous arrangements.

BOC is installing the infrastructure and supplying the operating expertise necessary to provide downstream processing of the raw CO2 provided by CSBP for supply to Alcoa. The size of the project is extremely significant in terms of a very real reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. BOC is providing CO2 treatment and the infrastructure to transport it via pipeline to Alcoa. In addition, there’s scope to implement similar processes across other applications and refineries within Alcoa, and within the wider alumina industry.

According to CSBP’s, this partnership reflects its commitment to reduce greenhouse gases and climate change. CSBP regards climate change and greenhouse gases as significant issues now and in the future. CSBP is continually looking for ways to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Alcoa agrees, drawing attention to potential benefits to greenhouse gas emissions and the alumina industry.

The project is a world first in the alumina industry and was researched by Alcoa’s international alumina Technology and Development team located at Kwinana. It offers a major greenhouse benefit by locking up CO2, which would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere, and opens up many opportunities to re-use our bauxite residue in other applications.

Project development and construction is underway, and Alcoa plans to begin receiving carbon dioxide from BOC (using raw CSBP CO2 as feed stock) by the end of 2006.

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