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BASELINE gas cylinder regulators available from BOC

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Available from BOC , BASELINE gas cylinder regulators ensure that high purity gases are delivered according to original specifications.

Scientific regulators maintain the integrity of the gas from the cylinder to the point of use. Some applications will not need a complex gas supply system, occasionally all that is required is a cylinder regulator.

The BASELINE range has been developed by BOC for applications where high quality, speed and simplicity are essential.

The BASELINE range of gas cylinder regulators includes dual stage and single stage to accommodate all customer requirements. A range of outlet pressures can be supplied and the regulator can be fitted with a choice of diaphragm valve or needle valve.

The diaphragm in BASELINE regulators is manufactured from 316L stainless steel and its function is to prevent air from leaking into the regulator and contaminating the gas.

BASELINE cylinder regulators are rugged with a bar stock body and all surfaces that come in contact with the gas stream are machined to offer a smooth finish.

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