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Alushield shielding gases available from BOC

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Available from BOC , Alushield shielding gases are ideal for applications where heat transfer or high welding speeds are vital, for instance; automatic welding.

Alushield shielding gases have been specifically designed for MIG, TIG and plasma welding of aluminium and copper. However, they are also suitable for MIG and TIG welding of copper and titanium alloys, and TIG welding of nickel alloys, stainless steel, carbon and alloy steels,

Shielding gases that contain helium enable more energy to be transferred into the weld than pure argon. However, adding argon will improve the arc stability and initiation. Alushield shielding gases will help skilled welders to produce smooth, even and defect-free aluminium welds.

Within the Alushield range of welding gases there are three types of gas, each developed to weld different material thicknesses:

  • Alushield Light
  • Alushield Universal; and
  • Alushield Heavy
Further information on these shielding gases and their applications is available from BOC.

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