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Flood Protection Systems from BLOBEL Enviromental Engineering

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Now available from BLOBEL Environmental Engineering , the BL/HSW-SB Flood Protection System is a fully demountable flood barrier wall designed to protect private and commercial assets from rising floodwaters and mud.

In recent years Australians have experienced more and more extreme weather conditions, which have caused damage and devastation to the environment and local infrastructure. BLOBEL Environmental Engineering's flood barrier wall is a solution that responds to the growing need for Australians to have an effective flood protection system.

Consisting of several hollow aluminium segments, placed into U-shaped or double U-shaped steel columns, these flood barrier walls are designed to be either demountable or permanently anchored in place. The BL/HSW-SB Flood Protection System is custom built to fit the required retention height and width and can be universally applied to doors, gates and retention walls in open areas.

Depending on water flow and sealing direction, the gate and barrier segments of the BL/HSW-SB Flood Protection System are designed to fill with water, thus considerably increasing the stability of the system.

Available in 50mm and 80mm wide designs, BL/HSW-SB flood barrier walls feature a compressible, highly adaptable seal attached at the lowest barrier section. Each other barrier section is fitted with an easily compressed seal based on EPDM.

Generally, it is not necessary to level the floor or incorporate steel plates within the concrete floor, and uneven ground, corrugated sheet metal, tiles and stones (up to 20mm) are handled with ease.

During stand by time the BL/HSW-SB Flood Protection System is easily stored away; designed to use as little space as possible with segments that can be stored on walls using specifically designed racks.

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