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Fast and effective spill barrier unit

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article image Protects stormwater drains from contaminated spills.

THE BLOBEL Stormwater Drain Cover BL/KMS together with the Trolley BL/TKN is a multipurpose, easy to use and fast to implement spill barrier system.

The Drain Cover BL/KMS can be used for spill control or sealing of stormwater drains during specific plant operation procedures, such as uploading and unloading tankers.

Another application is sealing of stormwater drains during a fire. This is to ensure no contaminated fire fighting water or sprinkler water run-off gets into the stormwater drains.

In many parts of the world including Australia, sprinkler water run-off and fire water run-off has to be contained.

The drain cover can either be stationed next to the drain or be stored at a suitable location. Together with the trolley, the spill barrier is simply wheeled out, lowered and placed over the drain.

The BL/KMS compresses the seal though its own weight and containment is ensured.

The Drain Cover BL/KMS can handle a range of surfaces, such as concrete, bitumen or stones. BLOBEL Drain Covers can handle rough surfaces and uneven surfaces of up to 15mm.

The BLOBEL Stormwater Drain Cover BL/KMS features a particular robust design. In emergency situations, the BL/KMS can be safely driven over by emergency vehicles such as fire engines. This may be required for Stromwater Drains that are in key access areas and need to be sealed in the event of an emergency such as a fire.

Both products feature sealing technology that is based on a highly flexible, chemical resistant and fire retardant (DIN 4102-B1) foam material.

The BLOBEL Drain Cover BL/KMS is available in a range of standard sizes. If required, it can be made to size.

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