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Software development services offered by BJH Controls

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BJH Controls  offers SCADA development services to its clients using the latest technology to integrate factory and office environment. BJH Controls also offers machine writing services where point to point wiring of all controllers, controllers and machinery. The system upgrade services involve re-design and replacement of unreliable, unsupportable and obsolete. BJH Controls also offers full design, development, commissioning and wring services so as to provide safety designs and support contracts.

BJH Controls also offers turkey applications that include design, development and wiring services for new machinery and processes.

BJH Controls is engaged in the distribution of MDT software. The MDT software offers efficient software that manages system changes in robots, welders, project files, document, CNCs, drivers, human machine interfaces and drives. The AutoSave software from BJH Controls helps to save, protect, restore, track changes, and discover problems in the programmable devices and documents. The NDT software supports an extensive range of devices and editors in the industry. This includes Intellution, GE, Telemecanique, Modicon, Schneider, Siemens, Allen-Bradley and many other companies.

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