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Other varieties of couplings from BJ Inns

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BJ Inns  offers a wide range of one way shut-off couplings. These couplings are small in size and are best suited for instrumentation. These couplings come with valves that prevent fluid loss. The small air coupling from BJ Inns is offered in brass finishing. The couplings offered by BJ Inns adhere with the European profile and interchange with similar couplings in the market. BJ Inns also offers quick acting couplers that adhere with the Asian requirements. These couplings are light weighted and facilitate high air flow. All couplings offered are durable and are available in three different sizes.

BJ Inns also offers sockets that are made out of brass. The sockets are offered in three different body sizes and are widely used for compressed air. It can also be used to handle glasses, fluids and similar solutions. The Safety-Type pneumatic coupling facilitates operating safety by eliminating hose-whip.

The full bore unraveled couplings from BJ Inns offers maximum flow and minimum pressure drop. The Flo-Temp coupling from BJ Inns is designed for conveying coolant to plastic injection moulds. The customers can choose between valved and non-valved plugs. A wide range of dust caps and dust plugs are also available to match all coupling requirements.

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