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BIS Foodservice offers consultancy, syndicated multi client reports and privately commissioned studies in the foodservice industry as well as other related food and beverage markets. For over 25 years of experience in the industry, BIS Shrapnel’s diverse and comprehensive research encompasses market insights, market size and market forecasts.

  • Fast Food in Australia: A complete assessment of Australians' total fast food consumption and their fast food preferences, this report uncovers key trends and developments in this significant market segment within foodservice, consumer profiles, fast food eating habits, chain ratings and growth prospects
  • Australian Foodservice – Continuous Information Service: This covers a comprehensive range of topics from trends and developments, communication and promotion, market prospects and outlook and healthy eating and dietary requirements
  • Australian Foodservice – Market Size: Using a triangulation method to verify data that represents foodservice operators’ expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages in volume and value by the various foodservice channels down to product level within 12 different product categories
  • New Zealand Foodservice: Addresses key trends and developments in the New Zealand market, market insights and channel developments, market size estimates and market outlook
  • New Zealand – Market Size: Using a triangulation method to verify data for New Zealand that represents foodservice operators’ expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages in volume and value
  • Foodservice Omnibus: Invaluable information about foodservice operator sneeds, preferences and behaviours relating to their company's own product offerings as well as general food and non-alcoholic beverage usage
  • The Route Trade Market in Australia: A consumer market report covering hot and cold beverages, bakery products, confectionary, dairy products and snack foods
  • Coffee and Beverages in Australia: Tracking consumption patterns and preferences for hot and cold coffee or beverages at home, work and away from home
  • The Australian Coffee Market, 2011 – 2013: The third edition in BIS Foodservice report series on the total supply and demand of coffee in Australia
  • Foodservice Challenges: A sequence of reports that focuses on key issues facing the foodservice market
  • The Future of Liquor in Australia, 2006-2016: This 5th edition evaluates recent and likely developments in the Australian liquor market for the next 10 years
  • Foodservice Equipment in Australia, 2012-2017: 2nd edition of primary data and research across the four main equipment categories – preparation; cooking; refrigeration and warewashing
  • FSAA – Dining Out Data: Compiles consumers’ eating out preferences, their choice of food and non-alcoholic beverages as well as frequency and average spend within different segments
  • Foodservice in South East Asia – Regional Overview, 2009: Covers Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam
  • Foodservice in Malaysia, 2009/ Foodservice in Singapore, 2009/ Foodservice in Thailand, 2009/ Foodservice in Philippines, 2009/ Foodservice in Indonesia, 2009/ Foodservice in Vietnam, 2009: Regional accounts of the food service markets for the potential opportunities
  • Foodservice Strategies in South East Asia, 2006-2010: Presents new research to identify the major drivers of the foodservice industry in the next five years
Foodservice in United Arab Emirates/ Foodservice in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia/ Foodservice in The Gulf States - Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman & Qatar: Each report includes market size by channel and segment, market overview, characteristics, trends and developments, key foodservice market drivers, outlook and a snapshot of economic and social factors.


  • Foodservice in China, 2011: In depth research and analysis on the Chinese foodservice market
  • Foodservice in Hong Kong, 2011/ Foodservice in Taiwan, 2011: Research study is being undertaken with a proposal to follow
BIS Foodservice continuously produces privately commissioned studies for clients including:
  • The opportunity for beer and wine in the restaurant channel in Australia
  • Market size, market structures and forecasts of grape production in five European countries and the United States
  • Key market developments in the fast food market in The Middle East Markets
  • Strategic positioning study of a coffee brand in Australia
  • A major strategic study of a global brand in the six largest foodservice markets in South East Asia
  • The market for apples in Asia
  • The Wheat market in Myanmar
  • Exploring Market Opportunities for Poultry in the Middle East
  • Market potential for specific foodservice equipment in Australia
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