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Automated condition fleet monitoring solutions from BIGmate Monitoring Services

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BIGmate Monitoring Services specialises in providing automated condition fleet monitoring solutions. BIGmate Monitoring Services assists companies that operate mobile and fixed equipment to improve their business performance and manage their fleets of valuable equipment.

BIGmate Monitoring Services offers automated condition monitoring solutions that are customised to fit specific needs. BIGmate G-trac solution is a satellite monitoring solution for all types of equipment that are operated in remote areas. The monitoring solution gathers valuable asset utilisation information as well as location, status updates, activity and engine hours of the equipment. The BIGmate Tracca solution is suitable for light to medium mobile equipment and audit trails of asset utilisation and health status.

BIGmate Monitoring Services offers other automated condition monitoring solutions such as BIGmate Lite solution and BIGmate premier solution. The BIGmate Lite monitoring solution is suitable for mobile equipment and light fixed plant and provides detailed audit trails of health and performance. The BIGmate premier monitoring solution is a compete solution for medium to heavy mobile equipment and fixed plant applications and offers detailed condition and performance monitoring of the equipment.

Through automated condition monitoring solutions, one can monitor engine hours, RPM, temperature, oil pressure, GPS location, speed, distance travelled, oil quality, actual readings, customised reporting, full audit trails, b2b functionality and anything that can be electronically measured.

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