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Industry Up-cycles Recovered Water -Reduced Water Consumption, Reduced Pollution

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In December 2006, BHM worked with Chemetall (a new technology supplier) to retrofit a metal parts pre-treatment line.

The new technology is known as Oxsilan. Oxsilan is a new chemical pre-treatment for metals that results in:

A complete removal of the traditional Chromium and Metal Phosphates associated with metal part pre-treatment. (No more acid metal waste generation)

A reduction in total water consumption as it is possible to re-cycle water within the system

Oxsilan is a highly reactive self-assembling metal pre-treatment nano-technology which requires clean process conditions and ultra-pure water to function. The process operates at ambient temperatures

BHM reviewed the existing line design and then provided the End User with the necessary detail and equipment to upgrade the line to the level required to minimise zones prone to contamination and maximise recovery or resources, in this case water, and ensure minimal cross contamination within the line to ensure Oxsilan integrity.

By isolating the new Oxsilan coating area within the line and providing two stage water recovery to generate ultra-pure water. BHM was able to successfully integrate the new process into the existing industrial pre-treatment line and achieve the required high purity conditions for the Oxsilan self-assembling nano-technology coating.

The upgraded system:

  • Consumes less than 1/10th the water previously consumed
  • Produces no hazardous acid metal wastes
  • Has reduced energy consumption as pre-treatment dips do not require heating as previously required

The above combination of achievements are significant steps toward sustainable, environmentally clean coating technology.

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