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Low cost hygiene monitoring system

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THE new Lumitester PD10, portable luminometer, and Lumipac W, hygiene test swabs, avilable from BEST Lab Instrumentation , offer a quick and simple hygiene test for the food production, delivery, restaurant, catering or medical industries where confirmation of the status of bacterial contamination is needed.

The Lumitester is lightweight, low in cost and easy to use. With minimal training the Lumitester is able to give accurate data concerning viable cell count testing, checks for bacterial contamination and sterility testing for solutions.

Higher sensitivity is achieved than with competitive systems as the instrument checks for ATP and AMP simultaneously. Detection limit is 10-15 mol ATP/assay for a measurement time of less than 10 seconds and up to 200 assays can be stored. Data can be output to Excel or printed via an optional data printer.

The Lumipac swab used with the Lumitester is a ready to use, single test unit. It contains a dry swab with the ATP releasing agent and the luminescence reagent. The patented enzyme recycling technology produces a high and stable luminescence from very small amounts of ATP.

Use of the system is simple. Simply swab the object to be tested with the swab and then replaces the swab into the protective sleeve. Pushing the cap of the swab stick breaks a capsule in the test tube which releases enzymes into the test tube surrounding the swab.

The tube is shaken and then placed into the Lumitester which is automatically calibrated and gives a result within 10 seconds.

This simple kit of Lumitester and Lumipac test swabs will be indispensable for anyone needing assurance of clean conditions for medical or food handling applications.

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