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Infra-red alcohol analyser

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BEST Lab Instrumentation are proud to announce the availability of Australian-made NIR Technology products for laboratories measuring alcohol.

The NIR Technology alcohol analyser is an Australian made product which uses a high energy optical system and diode array technology to produce an analyser with no moving parts ensuring high reliability, low cost of ownership and an ability to analyse difficult samples with accuracy and reliability.

The NIR technology alcohol analyser is suitable for the analysis of multiple constituents in beverages including wine, beer and spirits. With little or no sample preparation, quick results and ease of use by untrained staff, the NIR Technology analyser is ideal for routine QC lab analysis.

The analyser measures the amount of light absorbed by a sample across the NIR spectrum from 720 to 1100nm. The amount of light absorbed at 920nm in a 30mm cell is specific to the amount of ethanol present in the sample and comparison to known standard samples gives an accurate analysis of this parameter in less than one minute.

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