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BEM Group  specialises in offering a wide range of warehouse supplies. Warehouse supplies offered by BEM Group include pallets, crates, boxes, forklifts, containers and handling equipment. BEM Group also supplies packaging, safety wear, pallet racking and palletizes.

BEM Group offers a wide range of pallets including second hand pallets, wooden pallets, export pallets, hardwood and softwood pallets. BEM Group also offers custom made pallets, cardboard pallets, plastic pallets, shipping pallets and metal pallets. BEM Group offers the list of all pallet suppliers in Australia. BEM Group provides information about various pallet suppliers which include wooden pallet, plastic pallet, metal pallets and hardwood pallets to name a few. BEM Group aids in providing cost effective pallets which are of premium quality and durability. Hardwood pallets offered by BEM Group are highly durable. In order to be environment friendly, export pallets from BEM Group are heat treated. Plastic pallets from BEM Group are suitable for food industry. Plastic panels from BEM Group comply with the Australian Standards. Hardwood pallets from BEM Group are highly resistant to elevated temperatures. These hardwood pallets are suitable for outdoor purposes. Softwood pallets from BEM Group are light weight and hence easy to handle.

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