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Containers and boxes from BEM Group

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BEM Group  offers a wide range of containers, safety wears and boxes. BEM Group also provides a list of all container, safety wear and box suppliers. BEM Group offers a gamut of containers which include shipping containers, transport containers, cargo containers, export containers, used containers and storage containers. Shipping containers, cargo containers and storage containers from BEM Group are highly durable and reliable. BEM Group also offers secondhand and used containers which are of high quality.

BEM Group offers a gamut of boxes which includes cardboard boxes, softwood boxes, wooden boxes, plastic boxes, metal boxes, plywood boxes and hardwood boxes. Boxes from BEM Group are of premium quality. Metal boxes, hardwood and plywood boxes from BEM Group are durable. Cardboard boxes from BEM Group have very high holding capacity. BEM Group also supplies a wide range of safety wears. Safety wears from BEM Group include safety goggles, safety work wear, safety shirts, safety ear muffs, safety clothing and safety footwear. These safety wear from BEM Group are highly suitable for industrial applications. BEM Group also specialises in supplying a wide range of palletizers and crates.

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