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New valve regulated lead acid gel batteries

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BEE Technical has introduced HAZE N70 100Ah VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) Gel Batteries. The HAZE N70 100Ah VRLA Gel Batteries are completely sealed and spill-proof, and require no maintenance during their design life, other than normal re-charging.
The HAZE N70 VRLA Gel Batteries are high-specification industrial batteries, featuring calcium alloy terminal grids and 99.99% pure lead plates. The Gel Batteries utilise the latest imported German separator and gel electrolyte technology, and the FAA and IATA have approved the Gel Batteries as non-hazardous.
The HAZE N70 VRLA Gel Batteries can produce 100Ah for C20 Deep-Cycling applications as well as 615 CCA SAE for starting and cranking. The Gel Batteries’ Reserve Capacity (RC) is 157 and Marine Cranking Amps (MCA) is 810. 
The Gel Batteries are manufactured with a high-impact-resistant monobloc N70 type battery casing, which is L305 x W168 x H208 and weighs 28.4Kg. The Gel Batteries have a compact, single carry strap to make handling easier.
The HAZE N70 VRLA Gel Batteries also feature dual battery terminals with both ordinary A-posts and threaded connectors on their + and - terminals. This is handy because it is not only automotive, but any other applications can be connected at the same time without using additional fiddly and space-wasting adaptors.
Being valve-regulated, sealed-lead-acid batteries, the Gel Batteries do not give off toxic or corrosive or explosive gases while charging, and can be safely charged in poorly ventilated areas. 
The HAZE N70 VRLA Gel Batteries can be used in motorhomes, caravans, campervans and yachts, cruisers and solar, for disability and other electric vehicles, and equipment needing in-house charging, etc.
The Gel Batteries can be positioned in any orientation besides horizontal and can be used on their side or even upside-down if necessary.
The HAZE N70 VRLA Gel Batteries has to be charged using standard, off-the-shelf, SLA battery chargers like the BeeHive Series EPS, Zivan or YK Switch-Mode Chargers. These units charge @ 2.3Volts per cell for float charging (i.e. 13.8V for 12V batteries) and 2.4Volts per cell for boost charging (i.e. 14.4V for 12V batteries). Car, 4WD, truck and marine alternators/regulators are usually set to approximately 14.4Volts.

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