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Space-Saving C5210 Industrial PCs with Flat Design from BECKHOFF Automation

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article image Space-saving C5210 19-inch slide-in Industrial PC

BECKHOFF Automation  introduces a new line of space-saving industrial PC systems with just one height unit for 19-inch rack installation.  

With the new C5210, Beckhoff is extending its series of 19-inch slide-in industrial PCs to meet the growing demand for control devices with a flat design.  

The C5210 industrial PCs feature a 1.9 GHz Intel Celeron processor, 2 cores on a 3½-inch motherboard. The PCs are equipped with an on-board RAID controller and two SATA 3½-inch hard drive removable frames.  

The industrial PC can be extended with PCIe modules, a Mini PCI card or a DVD drive.    

With just one height unit (1 HU = 44mm), the C5210 industrial PCs represent a space-saving control alternative without any compromise on performance or function.  

Measuring just 482.7mm W x 44mm H x 493.8mm D, the flexible 19-inch slide-in IPCs are suitable for space-constrained areas such as building services, measurement technology, control rooms or laboratories.  

Key features of C5210 industrial PCs:

  • Low installation height facilitated by the new Beckhoff CB3054 3½-inch motherboard
  • Motherboard combines multi-core technology with a socket in the 3½-inch form factor
  • Motherboard is equipped with on-board interfaces such as two Gigabit Ethernet ports, four COM ports and 12 USB ports
  • Free Mini PCI card slot enables the integration of further fieldbus interfaces
  • Equipped with two hard drive removable frames for 3½-inch hard disks for RAID systems
  • Two PCIe module slots are available for insertion of PCIe modules or for leading out interfaces of the motherboard
  • DVD drive slot, CD/DVD-ROM or multi DVD drives are available as standard
  • Can be operated with Windows Embedded Standard, Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 2008 Server

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