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New version motherboards available from Beckhoff Automation

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Beckhoff Automation  has expanded the industrial motherboards line of business into an independent product segment with in-house board development, design and production.

Beckhoff Automation can thus offer industrial PCs and embedded PCs in all performance classes with motherboards developed in-house.

The own motherboard and BIOS development initiatives enable Beckhoff Automation to respond more quickly to new technologies in the PC market and to customer-specific requirements.

All typical form factors such as ATX, slot CPU, 3.5" board and PC/104 are supported.

Beckhoff Automation offers these form factors with consistent chipsets: The Intel 855 chipset, for example, is available for all board types. This enables development of a device family with identical structure. A further advantage of Beckhoff motherboards is long-term availability. Boards are made available for a minimum of five years.

Beckhoff motherboards are optimised for industrial PC-based control applications: The Ethernet ports of the motherboards are well suited to run EtherCAT, the real-time Ethernet fieldbus featuring fast control performance, flexible topology and simple configuration.

EtherCAT together with a powerful CPU can be utilised for submillisecond control cycles in all areas.

The additional on-board interfaces offer a high degree of flexibility: Touch screen controller, I²C, SMB and GPIO are integrated as standard.

Some boards feature a Mini PCI slot, for which Beckhoff offers various cards such as fieldbus master/slaves, Ethernet with 10/100/1,000 Mbit/s, and cards with non-volatile memory (NOVRAM).

Flexible software: Full BIOS source code access makes it possible to adapt the software to special board functions or implement specific customer requirements.

Beckhoff motherboards – High-tech made in Germany:

Development, design and production of the boards are based in Westphalia, i.e. in Münster, Dortmund and at the German Beckhoff headquarters in Verl. This geographical concentration guarantees short development, production and quality control cycles.

Boards and BIOS can be adapted to the requirements of customised devices. In addition, Beckhoff has experience in the development and production of complete embedded units including housing, display, other electrical and mechanical interfaces, operating systems and application software.

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