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New dynamic automation software available from Beckhoff Automation

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TwinCAT, the dynamic automation software from Beckhoff Automation, can now handle demanding control tasks even more efficiently.

By supporting the multi-core architecture of the new Intel CoreTM Duo processors, TwinCAT economically enables fast and powerful automation solutions with optimised operating conditions.

Intel CoreTM Duo processors feature two computation kernels in one processor case. This technology enables multitasking and improves the throughput in multithread applications.

Intel CoreTM Duo processors offer up to 40 % higher performance compared with conventional desktop processors.

At the same time they benefit from lower power consumption and heat generation, making CoreTM Duo processors ideal for demanding PC-based control applications.

TwinCAT, the real-time control software for machine and building automation, supports the multi-core architecture of the current CoreTM Duo and CoreTM2 Duo processors.

The TwinCAT automation software was programmed to utilise one of the computation kernels of the CoreTM Duo processor as a “real-time kernel”. This kernel handles all control tasks, while TwinCAT makes any unused kernel CPU time available for general Windows tasks in order to optimise PC performance.

The second computation kernel, which is not used by TwinCAT, is fully available for Windows and therefore offers sufficient reserve capacity even for performance-hungry user interfaces in large automation applications.

Consistent utilisation of multi-core technology results in a control architecture that enables automation tasks to be executed with even higher speed and reliability, independent of the processor load from other Windows programs.

The range of Industrial PCs from Beckhoff Automation already includes a number of computers with CoreTM Duo and CoreTM2 Duo processors.

CB1051 Motherboards developed by Beckhoff Automation are used in standard computers such as the C6140 or C5102 types with ATX Motherboard.

During 2007 Beckhoff Automation will expand CoreTM Duo technology to its whole IPC range, so that compact PCs with Slot Motherboard or 3.5-inch Motherboard, Panel PCs and DIN rail mountable Embedded PCs from the new CX1030 range will be available with perfect processor performance.

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