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Beckhoff develops 3-axis acceleration sensors for harsh environments

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article image The new EP1816-3008 EtherCAT Box enables cost-effective acceleration and angle measurement directly on machines, and integrated into the control system

BECKHOFF Automation has developed the new EP1816-3008 EtherCAT Box featuring two integrated 3-axis acceleration sensors and 16 digital inputs.

The easy-to-install I/O module for harsh environments can be used to implement cost-effective vibration and shock/oscillation monitoring directly in the field. The machine-mountable device also enables tilt monitoring in longitudinal and transverse directions.

The IP67-rated EP1816-3008 EtherCAT Box features two integrated 3-axis, 16-bit acceleration sensors with resolution options of ±2 g, ±4 g, ±8 g and ±16 g. The sampling frequency is 1 Hz to 5 kHz. These MEMS are based on forked silicon structures, which have movements or vibrations that result in a capacitive change and a corresponding signal value.

Beckhoff’s compact and robust EtherCAT Box supports acceleration and angle measurement directly in the field. In addition, the signals are directly available in the control system. Compared to the conventional combination of sensor and separate data sampling, this solution is more cost-effective and easier to install and integrate. 

The two sensors, which are arranged at 90° angles, make the EP1816-3008 a redundant measuring system; additionally, the results can be reliably verified by the controller.

The 3-axis acceleration box finds application in the vibration and shock/oscillation monitoring of machines and buildings. 

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