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Beckhoff Automation to showcase product and industry solutions at CeBIT 2009

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At the CeBIT 2009, Beckhoff Automation will present their product and industry solutions for industrial IT, industrial communication and building automation. The versatile Industrial PC technology from Beckhoff offer a wide range of application options including factory automation and IT solutions integrated into the production process. The focus is on innovative control panels with integrated RFID reader, new Industrial PCs with Intel Atom CPU with ultra-compact, energy-saving design based on a Green IT approach, and the Ethernet-based CP-Link 3 multi-display link system.

Beckhoff Automation industrial PCs and control panels are used in a wide range of industrial IT applications, including production data acquisition (PDA), manufacturing execution systems (MES), or as operating and display units for ERP systems. The functionality of the robust Beckhoff control panels and panel PCs has been extended significantly through integration of an RFID reader in order to meet advanced requirements in logistics, access control and time recording applications.

According to Roland van Mark, Industrial PC Marketing Manager, Beckhoff Automation, the Beckhoff Industrial PC developments increasingly focus on Green IT, one of the main topics at this year's CeBIT. Beckhoff industrial PCs meet the current trend toward efficiency and environment-friendliness with lower power consumption through high-efficiency power supply units and the application of efficient processors.

Intel Atom processors are already being used in several of Beckhoff's industrial PCs. The highlight is the new C6915 control cabinet PC with 1.1GHz or 1.6GHz Atom processor. With dimensions of 47mm x 157mm x 116mm it is the smallest Industrial PC from Beckhoff Automation. Atom CPUs are also integrated in the CP62xx and CP77xx Panel PC series. This means that a Control Panel case with a depth of only 3 cm can now house a high-performance PC for production halls or building automation.

The new CX5000 Embedded PC series is also based on Atom. The devices are equipped with 1.1 GHz or 1.6 GHz Atom processor and are ideal for building control applications.

Maximum performance is achieved with Core2 Quad IPCs.

The performance range is extended upward with new industrial PCs with Intel Core 2 Quad processors. The multi-core processors for performance-hungry IT applications are integrated in the C6640 and C6650 PCs from the new, compact ATX IPC series, for example.

As a further innovation Beckhoff will present, CP-Link 3, an Ethernet-based multi-display link system. The control and visualisation concept enables flexible connection of up to 255 Ethernet panels and panel PCs to a single Industrial PC. CP-Link-3 is a pure software solution based entirely on standard hardware (Ethernet) and IP-based protocol for transfer of images. Networking can be done using cost-effective standard Ethernet cables (CAT 5) which are suitable for drag chains.

PC-based control, integrated control platform for factory and building automation is available from Beckhoff Automation, which offers a high-performance and versatile control technology that was originally designed for machine construction applications but is also increasingly being used in building and home automation. PC-based control offers a range of advantages for building automation, including simple IT integration, web- and Ethernet-based communication and high computing power, a factor in view of the speed, data quantity and information requirements in building control applications.

At CeBIT Beckhoff will present software and hardware products for building automation. On the software side, libraries for HVAC, lighting or shading are available in addition to the TwinCAT Building Automation Framework for easy configuration of control functions. In addition to all standard functionalities, our I/O systems for connecting data points are adaptable to special customers requirements for DMX, measurement technology, DALI, EnOcean, including a manual control option.

The Beckhoff system enables the relevant parameters to be measured and enables appropriate responses. An intelligent control system can reduce cooling energy demand in server rooms, for example. Control systems play an increasingly important role for energy efficiency. Meanwhile, Beckhoff Embedded PCs have almost reached the computing power of a server, but with an energy consumption that is comparable with that of the indicator lights in conventional systems. Atom-based computers therefore represent an important innovation in terms of energy efficiency and cost reduction.

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