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BECKHOFF’s new ‘hygienic design’ AM8800 stainless steel servomotors for food, chemical and pharma industries

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article image BECKHOFF’s new ‘hygienic design’ AM8800 stainless steel servomotor

BECKHOFF Automation  presents the AM8800 series of stainless steel servomotors in a ‘hygienic design’ for use in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The new servomotors supplement the highly-dynamic motors from the Beckhoff AM8000 series with a stainless steel finish version.

The hygienic design of the AM8800 stainless steel servomotors allows implementation in extremely harsh or corrosive environments.

Technologically, the AM8800 stainless steel motors are based on the Beckhoff AM8000 motor series but feature an all stainless steel housing in AISI 316L designed according to FDA guidelines as well as a stainless steel motor shaft.

Corners and edges were avoided while drill holes and screwed connections were largely dispensed with during the motor design process in order to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Implemented in B5 form, the flanges are compatible with the AM8000 series flanges, further simplifying the conversion of existing plants.

Key advantages of AM8800 stainless steel servomotors:

  • Motors need only one motor cable instead of the usual two since the feedback cable is eliminated
  • Encoder information is transmitted digitally via two cores of the motor cable
  • Single-cable feedback technology reduces material, installation and engineering costs
  • Available in three sizes, each with three overall lengths
  • Power range extends from 1 to 8 Nm standstill torque
  • Motor design prevents accumulation of dirt
  • Optimum connection of the stators to the stainless steel housing lowers power losses
  • Equipped with a sensor for temperature monitoring, which passes the data on to the drive via the single cable
  • Robust stainless steel housing is insensitive to scratches and mechanical damage
  • Equipped with IP 67 protection, optionally also IP 69K
  • Connection using stainless steel ‘hygienic design’ cable glands ensures permanent sealing integrity of the motors
  • Can be provided with a sealing air connection in order to prevent the formation of condensation inside the motor
  • Can be equipped with a holding brake or a multi-turn encoder, depending on requirements

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