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Printed circuit boards from BEC Manufacturing

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BEC Manufacturing  produces printed circuit boards (PCB) for more than fourteen years. BEC Manufacturing also produces medium to large production runs and prototypes with short lead times. The company provides economical, fast and reliable prototype service. It adds value to its services by competing with the offshore manufacturers to produce larger production runs.

BEC Manufacturing has revolutionised the prototype printed circuit board market. BEC Manufacturing achieves better productivity in its production processes through investments in research and development.

The company offers single, double and multilayer printed circuit boards with hole plated technology. For the convenience of the customers, BEC Manufacturing manufactures in two panels of 14.6” x 16.6“ and 10.6” x 16.6”. For production runs, 22.2” x 16.6” usable area panel is used in order to achieve greater economy and yield.

BEC Manufacturing offers multiple designs at no cost penalty and can also test the boards in its testing facility. The various products offered by BEC Manufacturing include single and double sided printed circuit boards, multilayer printed circuit boards, HASL, silver and gold finishes, overlay colours and choice of soldermask, choice of panel sizes, grid and flying probe testing, large, medium and small production runs and printed circuit boards and international IPC standards. The services include DOTL prototyping service and CNC machine shop services.

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