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SHAPEMAKER is a new five axis routing centre from BDG Machine Tools , suitable for cutting plastic, aluminium, wood and cast iron to medium tolerances.

Standard features include full guarding and dust management, an eight position tool changer and simultaneous five axis look ahead contouring.

By utilising a router spindle motor, that can be tilted and rotated to any compound angle, the Shapemaker is able to not only machine a wide range of geometry but can gain access to cut parts that would be impossible to machine on a two or three axis router.

The Shapemaker can not only move all five axes simultaneously to rapidly shape curved surfaces but can also process all sides of many jobs in a single setup.

BDG worked closely with local industry to create a machine that improves on the usefulness of other five axis routing machines.

Tooling Solutions is now using the first BDG Shapemaker to CNC machine patterns and moulds for the metal casting and rotational moulding industry.

Tooling Solutions has a team of master patternmakers and are using the Shapemaker to satisfy customer demands for increasing accuracy and tight delivery times.

Whilst three axis routers are capable of profile cutting, using a five axis Shapemaker allows the parts to have more complex features such as bevelled edges or holes drilled in from the edge.

By using a large flat cutter, complex compound surfaces can be machined to greater accuracy and smoothness in a fraction of the time compared to using a ball nose cutter on a three axis machine.

The Shapemaker has a 3m by 1.5m T slot table and up to 800mm of vertical travel. The machine is relatively compact being 2.3m wide by 6.25m long and only 2.7m high.

With rapid traverse speeds up to 40m/min and a 24000rpm, 8kW spindle, parts can be machined very quickly.

The Shapemaker uses a fully digital motion control that is especially good at handling long programs with complex motion profiles. The controller uses G codes and is compatible with common CAD/CAM programs such as Pro/Engineer, Delcam, Unigraphics and Mastercam.

Shapemaker is Australian made and uses top quality components sourced from Japan, USA and Europe. Ac servo motors, resolver feedback, ball screws and profiled linear rails with ball bearing cars provide maximum reliability.

All axes have comprehensive bellows covers to provide an additional level of dust protection to the motion components.

The control console is ergonomically designed with a flat panel LCD monitor, full keyboard, touch pad and joystick.

The eight place tool changer adds a level of versatility usually only found on machining centres. The Shapemaker can rapidly change tools and can handle a variety of router cutters including straight, ballnose, profiled cutters and saw blades.

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