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Electronic and software systems manufactured by BCS Innovations

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BCS Innovations  is a premium manufacturer and designer of modern and technologically advanced electronic gadgets and computer software that are used in a range of industries. The Geolock Infrared Tilt Sensing Joystick from BCS Innovations was developed by BCS Innovations. The VIR Geolock Pro model had its electronics in the docking station and hand controller as well as the printed circuit boards designed by BCS Innovations.

BCS Innovations has also been involved in designing and commissioning the automatic test equipment at VIR’s overseas manufacturing site. The MF 10 Separater from BCS Innovations is the first instrument that is bench mountable and used for separating polycrylameide membranes to different proteins by charge and size.

The technology used in the MF 10 Separater allows fraction preparation, de salting and also depletion of abundant proteins. The Total Recall voice logger from BCS Innovations is a telephone voice logging system that is extensively used in financial, security and banking markets.

It uses a low bit rate voice codec as well as a range of personal computer based telephony cards. The Spendtracker from BCS Innovations is a credit card sized electronic device from BCS Innovations that allows consumers to track expenditure along ten different budget categories.

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